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And while you’ve probably already heard the stories of abandoned further installments for Messrs Reeve and Routh, how much do you know about the Superman reboots and recastings that didn’t quite make it?Here’s our run through of the Superman projects that couldn’t quite fly their way out of development hell…“It was really the limitations of David and Gillian and Chris’ schedules.Gillian lives in the UK, David lives in New York and California, and we do the show in Vancouver. He later described Poirier’s draft as ‘like the Batman TV show version of a Superman movie; very campy.” is the stuff of what-if cinematic legend. That video we’ve embedded above is his version of events, which we can only dream of regaling in as humorous a manner. He read it, deemed it campy, and then had a succession of meetings where he explained the reasoning behind his dislike to several high up execs.In fact, a documentary has even been made about the bafflingly bizarre brilliance of the story behind this non-existent movie. If you’re at work, or don’t fancy watching a video right now, here’s our summary. Eventually, he landed the gig of writing a new Superman script.Allison's family, her Dad (Jonathan Mack), Mom (Mindy), older brother Shannon, and little sister, Robyn, live in Southern California. She got a second chance at directing in Season Eight, when she directed episode 13 Power.

The new Superman grows up very quickly, and on go the heroics.Also, she provided voice over for Power Girl in the animated movie adaption of the comic book Superman/Batman: Public enemies.